The Production Team!

The production team this year is comprised of Fraser and Joel.


I first learned about project SoundLounge last year when I was doing another project with Birmingham Conservatoire. One of the SoundLounge fellows, Joe Cook was also a member of the project and encouraged me to apply after explaining a little bit about what SoundLounge really was.

So far, I have really enjoyed the whole experience and coming to the Symphony Hall on a Monday night is one of the best parts of my week! Working with likeminded people on a project we are all passionate about is a really awesome thing, and I’m super excited to see how it all turns out on the day.

As part of the production team, some of my tasks include;

  • Scheduling the day
  • Organising pop up events
  • Planning out how we’re using the Town Hall space
  • Deciding on how the Town Hall is going to look in terms of decoration and researching different options.

I find this all enjoyable and it’s making me a better events manager. I want to do this as a future career and THSH is providing me with the opportunity to develop my skills.

Another thing that THSH are providing in the project are workshops with experienced industry professionals. One of my favourite workshops was with Toks, the head of programming for the classical side of THSH’s shows. He taught us about how they book the artists and the systems they use, as well as what events they’ve organised, such as Inside Out.


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