Retrospective: Digbeth Dining Club

Foto 23-06-17 20 17 17

Thank you to everyone who came along to our pre-festival event at Mama Roux’s last Friday, as part of Digbeth Dining Club. All of the team here at Project SoundLounge had a fantastic time and are over the moon that the night went as well as it did! There was an amazing atmosphere throughout the evening and the crowd really got into the three amazing acts performing!

If you have become a new fan of any of the three acts, then feel free to check the rest of their music out here:

Lady Sanity –

Verschieden –

Tehillah Henry –

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and saw what Project SoundLounge can deliver. So if you did have a good time or missed the pre-festival event and are interested, then come along to our main event – the SoundLounge Festival 2017 on Saturday 5th August at Birmingham Town Hall! Doors open at 5pm!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the amazing photos from our pre-festival event:






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