Pre-festival event

We are excited to announce our pre-festival gig! Here at Team SoundLounge, we want to get you all as hyped as possible for the main event in August!

We’ve lined up 3 amazing artists to play THIS FRIDAY (23rd June) at Mama Roux’s in Digbeth, Birmingham in conjunction with Digbeth Dining Club! Great music, great food, what’s not to love?

First up is Lady Sanity – a female emcee ‘with a message’, hailing from our very own city.

Second on stage is Verschieden – a 5 piece pop/funk band – who make ‘music to make you feel good’!

To end the show, we have Tehillah Henry Music – a soulful singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton.


If you want to hear more and just can’t wait until Friday, check our artists out!

Lady Sanity –

Verschieden –

Tehillah Henry –

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