May 2017 catch up!

It’s been a really busy month for all of us at PSL but the festival is taking shape and we’re all really excited to show you guys what we’re up to!

If you haven’t already, check out our previous post and get to know everyone on the PSL team:

Marketing are working on designing a new logo and flyers and we’re coming up with ideas for new social media campaigns. We also have an interesting collaboration announcement to make soon – keep your eyes on our Instagram! @projectsoundlounge

Programming are working on confirming acts for the festival, sending out contracts to secure our acts and fitting them into time slots on the day. So far we have an amazing line-up and we can’t wait to finally reveal those to you all in the coming weeks!

Production are sorting out all info for Town Hall, the overall schedule for the festival and working out what needs to happen on the day so everything runs smoothly. The team are also working on an amazing upcoming event which we will be announcing on social media soon – but our lips are sealed for now!

Keep checking back for further updates and information about the Project SoundLounge 2017 festival – all will be revealed soon!

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