Blissful 6… Kemi Sulola

Kemi Sulola is a gifted RnB singer/songwriter from London, she has shared her work, performing up and down the country. Most recently her music has played on BBC Radio.

With influences, from a range of genres, such as Lovers Rock, Neo-soul. Hip-hop RnB, Reggae and Gospel as well as Afrobeat and Jazz her sound is a fresh combination – unique but familiar enough for you to get you in your zone. With a sound often linked to the golden era of 90’s RnB, she is hoping to bring that feel good and free vibe to her music. After winning a local Talent competition a few years back, she has been writing and performing in around the UK.


Her latest project ‘Fallen For You’ is her first E.P. The project draws from her soul and RnB influences and explores the emotions of falling for someone, unrequited love, fears, aspirations, insecurities and faith. She is excited for what is ahead and hopes to use her music to spread positivity and encourage others to shine their light!


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SnapChat @ KemiJoyx

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