Katy Nagle

Programmer Katy Nagle, aged 22, works as a freelance cellist as well as a cello and piano tutor. As a customer service assistant for THSH she regularly attends concerts and gigs  around Birmingham. Katy says that Birmingham offers such an eclectic mix of arts and culture, and she would like to play a small part in the making of it!


As a recent graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire, she has realised that her ambitions lie behind the scenes of the concert hall rather than on stage. Katy is in the first stages of setting up a production company dedicated to new music, theatre and art. As it is still a very new venture, Katy thought that now would be the perfect time to join Project SoundLounge and learn as much as a she can about all of the areas required to run any large scale event.

Katy says that Project SoundLounge offers  an amazing opportunity to explore and learn something new about creative arts and she is a passionate believer that live music should be for everyone, not the elite few. She hopes to play a small part in continuing to make live music relevant in today’s society. Katy is hoping that the knowledge and skills that she is gaining from Project SoundLounge will help her be successful in creating music events in the future and help ensure a sustainable future for live music.


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