Uma Lanka

It may have just been an accident for Uma Lanka from the production team when she stumbled across the Project SoundLounge page after having a look for Jools Holland tickets on the THSH website. Whilst not being a music artist herself, the project seemed to be something that immediately captured Uma’s interest. Uma studies Biomedical Science and is currently on her placement year working in Events, in which she has gained vital experience in the management of events. Also, whilst at school, Uma was an active member of the Tech Crew – a student body who managed the audiovisual aspects of theatre productions, twilight lectures, etc held at the school. Likewise, Uma is a member of Ents Crew at Aston University- which is a larger scale event. During her time at secondary school, she was also part of a team that organised a rock concert that raised £3000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Whilst being a member of Ents at Aston University, she was proud to manage the lighting for an event that the Ministry of Sound DJ’s were headlining, something that has inspired Uma and made her want to gain further experience in this field.


Uma believes it is really important to bring the community together with events such as this one, which will hopefully inspire artists of all ages and backgrounds. Uma feels that the amount of effort and planning needed for these kinds of events is sometimes overlooked, and wanted to really grasp a true feel of event management in this industry. Uma says that Project Soundlounge is a really exciting prospect and something she is very keen to get involved with.

You can also view Uma’s previous post where she gives her initial views on Project SoundLounge here.



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