Cathy Msuya

You may recognise 18 year old Cathy Msuya as one of the headliners for Celebrate! on June 12th but here is a swift introduction of one of the members of the production team. Cathy loves everything about music and getting involved in anything that will improve her knowledge and understanding. Cathy feels that having the opportunity to work on this project will help her to personally make a career within the music industry. Cathy is a spectacular singer and guitarist and attends a performing arts college called BOA (Birmingham Ormiston Academy). Cathy’s states that attending this school has given her the chance to work collaboratively, as well as performing solo and having the experience of working in a studio and which allows her to have the basic knowledge needed to work professionally.


Cathy has been able to gain more confidence through regular college performances as well as outside of study in public venues, she likes to keep musically active and getting involved in performances for; weddings and funerals, working with free radio, regular church choir performances, attending The Voice competition and also Music Potential. Cathy will be soon finishing her studies at BOA, and whilst in her last year she has been working on a big project, planning a show for the other students. She feels that working with Project SoundLounge will assist in making her final project more doable and manageable. Cathy believes that, music plays a big part within different events and even religion. She said that, “in my opinion music is very varied, has the power to connect, play with emotions, bring back memories, make you dance, sets the mood, its expressive, and can tell a story – it also provides me with happiness”.

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