Join Us at the Artist Bar

In conjunction with Symphony Hall’s 25 year celebration (Celebrate!) We will have our very own space at the artist bar displaying an array of talented performers, join us from 11:00am to 9:00pm … and yes its FREE:-

12:30 Joe Cook

Joe Cook a.k.a Cookie is a spoken word artist and musician from Birmingham UK. Originally a lyricst for Birmingham reggae punk band Lobster Joe has exploded onto the spoken word scene. Joe‘s style has been described as ‘The Streets meets Joe Strummer’. Joe delivers social commentary in lyrical rhythmic style. His two biggest influences are Bill Hicks and Immortal Technique merging these styles to deliver comical hard hitting rhymes. Joe produced and hosted season three of Level UP! a sell out spoken word event at The REP Birmingham featuring artists such as Polarbear and Kat Francois. Joe has gigged heavily across the UK in venues such as The South Bank Centre, The REP, Birmingham mac and worked alongside other poetry organisations such as Apples & Snakes, Burn After Reading and Mouthy Poets. Joe facilitates music/drumming/poetry/rap workshops across the midlands working in schools, youth clubs, care homes and hostels as well as volunteering at local youth centres. Joe was fortunate to be part of the BBC 1Xtra Words First series in Birmingham performing at Hit The Ode in collaboration with Roundhouse and BBC 1Xtra. Joe was also last years SoundLonger and it would be great to see him again.

12:40 Ziryab

Ziryab is phenomenal poet and is our current project SoundLounger, he has performed with at a few events with Beetfreeks as well as around Birmingham.

13:30 Ashley Allen and Band

Ashley Allen is a lecturer for the Birmingham University popular music course in which he is the head of keyboard studies. Prior his current post he has over 10 years of experience in the performing arts industry as a professional musician and private workshop piano instructor. Ashley has the pleasure of working, recording and playing with many notable musical industry figures such as Gregory porter, Aynsley Lister, Julie Dexter and Omar. his recreational time he has undertaken the role of musical director, composer, arranger and choral director for a youth choir that he has founded, Ashley said he enjoyed every step of this process and is very excited about the future developments. Ashley Allen is passionate about education, empowering young people and potential development, this interest has led him to partake in youth community work organising ensembles and community classes for Birmingham’s youth.

Ashley Allen’s involvement with Project SoundLounge lasted 11 months in which he learned many valuable lessons in event management. Through a collaborative effort with other young people, him and his team collectively organised a three-day festival in the summer of 2014. The festival garnered coverage from the BBC as its function gave young people the chance to perform at Birmingham’s most prestigious venues Town Hall and Symphony Hall. Outside of this program it was unlikely bands would have had the chance to perform at such venues, as most of the groups which performed were up and coming musicians. Due to this initiative, word spread to friends of friends, who then came to the event to hear and see the marvellous talent that Birmingham holds.

15:00 Cathy Msuya

Cathy Msuya is a 18 year old pop and rnb artist, who currently is a SoundLounger. She took on the challenge of being a part of Project SoundLounge as she knew it was a great opportunity to know more about the music industry and get to work with professionals. Cathy said it has allowed her to see not only the music performance side but stir up her interest in events management too. Cathy is apart of the production team for Project SoundLounge and she as well as other participants have been in charge of making their research best fits the main events. Cathy said that through her research that she has now been able to find out different venues that she can take part in and it has benefited her as she now knows more music venues that she could perform at. Cathy said she would recommend Project Soundlounge to anyone.

Cathy Msuya writes her own songs and likes to perform in a church environment as she is a practicing Christian, who is apart of a worship team – so every now and again Cathy would be asked to perform at a wedding and other church events. She is influenced by artists such as Beyance, Ed S, Ben Howard, Jessie J and Tori Kelly.

16:15 Karl Monroe

Karl Monroe is a Birmingham based four-piece and have recently graced Birmingham’s own Rainbow.




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