Project Sound Lounge 2016… Coming August

The first few weeks of Project Soundlounge have gone by in a whirl of planning, preparing and creating. After a lengthy recruitment process 12 Birmingham based young people are now producing their own festival to take place in the city in August.

The project started with the group learning the basics of Programming, Production and Marketing from the pros at Town Hall Symphony Hall. (You can learn more about those in the following post). Now we’ve moved onto to the real thing! What is the festival going to be? And how are we going to make it happen? This week the group are focusing on the brand and identity of the festival by creating a mission statement and the brief for their logo design.

After a session on branding from Antony, Head of Marketing at Town Hall Symphony Hall the group are focused on honing their brand and determining what the festival is going to be. By writing their mission statement together the group hope to be united in their ideas and have a core statement that they can keep retuning to throughout the project. With a lot of healthy debate over the intricacies and meanings of certain words the group have realised how difficult it is to define what you are trying to create.

Taking our cues from on what not to do, the marketers are creating a brief for their logo designer. They have shortlisted local professional designers that they want to work with and are now crafting the perfect brief using previous examples, preferred colours and of the all important description of what the festival is.



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