Check out our Headliners!

Self-defined as ‘Midlands Soul’, Friday’s headliners Antelope present a diverse blend of genres from jazz and soul to drum and bass and are comprised of eight brilliantly talented musicians, including Birmingham Conservatoire graduates. “Take a whole heap of bass, rich horns, beautiful vocals and tight grooves and you get the soundscape that is Antelope.”

Listen to their tracks here!

Antelope Headliner

Saturday’s headliners Hansu-Tori, translated to mean Water Bird, represent strength, harmony, flexibility and grace. The jazz quintet epitomise just that, with a beautifully sophisticated sound cleverly composed and layered with keys, trumpet, electronics, alto sax, bass and drums to create an effortlessly smooth, dynamic performance. See them play live at the Mezzanine, The REP, on Saturday 9th August.

And if you haven’t already, listen to their sound here:

Hansu- Tori

Folk quintet Boat To Row, with their clever compositions and faultless harmonies, promise a performance littered with intelligent lyrics and an impressive array of instruments. From banjo and mandolin, to violin and harmonium, discover a wholesome and dynamic sound which resonates in classic folk roots with a genuine passion and energy. Headlining Sunday and closing Project SoundLounge 2014, the band have earned an outstanding live reputation since their beginnings in 2009, so the performance at Town Hall on Sunday 10th August is one not to miss!

Watch their latest music video here:
And more on:

Boat to Row

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