Q + A with Misty’s Big Adventure frontman Grandmaster Gareth

Everyone excited to see Misty’s Big Adventure play the Symphony Hall Foyer at 5pm tomorrow? We are! Come down and party with us! For now, here’s a Q + A we did with Grandmaster Gareth…

Are you excited to be playing (and kickstarting!) Project SoundLounge festival?
The rest of the band are excited! I tend to not get too excited about things as crushing disappointment has generally been a major feature in my life. But yes, it’s great what Project Soundlounge are doing and we always enjoy doing free gigs so people who wouldn’t normally see us get to say “what the hell is this?”.

Who are your musical influences?
We have lots. Julian Cope, Faust, Sun Ra, Joe Meek, Broadcast, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Raymond Scott, Trunk Records, Ivor Cutler, The Beatles, The Fall and soundtracks from sleazy Italian 70’s films. We try and mix all this stuff together to make something new.

What would your dream support slot be?
Probably Julian Cope as he has been my hero since I was little.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been listening to Micachu and The Shapes a lot recently. They’re definitely doing something different. And KateGoes. They have great lyrics and harmonies.

As this festival celebrates local Midlands talent, who are your favourite artists from the region?
Broadcast and Pram are my favourite bands from Birmingham. I was lucky to get to see them play a lot when I was a teenager. Also Dog Food, Bentley Rhythm Ace and KateGoes. And The Dollcanoes and Miss Halliwell both show a lot of promise. Birmingham music is much better than other cities. It’s just the rest of the country doesn’t realise that!

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