Artist Bio: Phe Phe

PhePhe 1


Pheleba Akima Johnson (born March 10th 1990) professionally known as Phe Phe, is a Singer Songwriter, Performer and accomplished creative dancer.

Born in Birmingham, England and grew up in the Kings Heath’s area of the city. Phe Phe is the middle child of five children and grew up with both her mother and father. Her parents were serious music fans and she remembers growing up listening to reggae, Afro-beat, jazz and soul rhythms, being taken to Glastonbury and numerous other music festivals as well as travelling the globe in search of new musical experiences.

Her musical career started at home  with her family, developing her song writing skills with her brother Eyebs. Her first exposure in the music industry was in the Bassline scene, where she became known for an underground hit called “Daydream” with bassline producer Bassboy. She subsequently lent her vocals to several collaborations with Birmingham’s finest grime artists such as Trilla, Screama, Tiny Presents and Sp performing at such events as “ILUVLIVE” London.

Her most successful and most well-known collaboration to date has been with French Dubstep producer Von D. She met Von D through a chance online encounter on Myspace, he was drawn in by the haunting vocals of Daydream and searched out Phe Phe with a view to working with her. He later named his first album “Daydreaming” in recognition of her inspirational presence. Their first release on the Subfreq label brought them critical acclaim and worldwide recognition; the track “Show Me” was also remixed by Dubstep legend Skream, leading to further exposure.

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