Artist Bio: 1Eye

1EYE Logo 2 Font

1EYE are back with their exciting new Reggae sound. Taking influence from the likes of John Holt, Ken Boothe and The Heptones, their eagerly awaited second album ‘Worries & Trouble’ is guaranteed to rock the dance-floor! The exciting new Reggae show with its sweet sounds and skanking licks will take you back to a classic Kingston vibe.

1EYE have worked with some of the most respected names in the business. Alek (lead vocal) and his brother Andy Sax occasionally feature as Plan B’s brass section and are in the official ‘Love Goes Down’ video as well as the Hewlett Packard HP Beats advert. They also appear as Russian gangsters in Plan B’s directorial debut ‘ill Manors’.

1EYE’s debut single ‘Mr. Bailiff’ is now available for purchase from along with two album sample tracks. Click the following link to watch the official video for Mr. Bailiff


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