Goodbye from the SoundLounge 2017 team!

As we say goodbye to the SoundLounge 2017 cohort, we ask them to sum up their experience of the project. Take a look at their responses below:




  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I enjoyed helping to come up with the festival logo and create our t-shirts and flyers around this. I also really liked recruiting our volunteers, it was really lovely to meet new people who were so enthusiastic and keen to help us.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

The best moment of the day was being able to watch the artist’s soundchecks; it was really interesting to be able to get a sneak preview of what was to come later on. I especially loved Byron Hare!

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

I joined Project SoundLounge to get a better insight into the music and events industries, as I had no previous experience in either sector. I think it’s really good to explore something if it sounds interesting to you because I had no idea about music events and throughout my time at PSL I’ve learnt so much and I’ve had an amazing time. I would love to do it all again!




  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I enjoyed being in charge of social media and discovering the best ways to market the festival to the general public. I also loved creating the press release and contacting people within the media, setting up interviews with the likes of BBC WM and Brum Radio.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

I really enjoyed acting as a host during the day and interacting with the audience. I loved all of the artists but my favourite band was Lycio!

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

I have learnt so much during this process that I wouldn’t have anywhere else. There are so many skills that I have learnt for the future and although it has been challenging at times, I have truly loved being part of Project SoundLounge. Good luck to next year’s cohort!  



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  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I really enjoyed getting a different experience in planning an event, it really opened my eyes to all the different things that need to be done to ensure it goes smoothly.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

The Real Cool were ‘real cool’ 😉

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

This was an amazing experience and I am so happy that I was able to volunteer. I have learnt so much that I wouldn’t haven been able to anywhere else!




  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this process was having the freedom and responsibility to create a festival  based on our own ideas and creativity.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

My best moment of the entire process was the end of the promo event as it was really successful and a great insight as to what the actual SoundLounge Festival would be like, although on a much larger scale. My favourite performance on the actual day was by Normanton Street.

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

Project SoundLounge has been a fantastic opportunity from which I have gained so much experience by creating our own music festival. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye 🙂



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  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I love how all of our ideas was taken into action, learnt how to plan an event properly, I loved every part.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

I didn’t really have a best moment or a favourite artist, every one was amazing and the night i will never forget.

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

First time I’ve seen or heard all of the artists/bands, never seen grime music live before – it was a nice difference. It was such a good experience, I would do that day all over again if I could. Everyone did an amazing job, once we started we couldn’t stop so I enjoyed the adrenaline feeling. 



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  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

The Project was really intense at times and I enjoyed every moment as it opened doors for me. I was asked if I would have done something differently and if I had any regrets but with the progress I’ve made personally I don’t like to keep regrets and I’m very happy right about now.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

The festival day was fast paced at times and being able to multi-task but also try out different roles was fun too. I’d say my favourite band was Byron Hare.

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

For me, I come from a background where I’ve faced problems throughout the project, I’ve managed to overcome a lot of my problems by gaining additional support from others on the project. One thing in particular was coming out and I can say from my own experience, it gets better.



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  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I loved working and learning from such a wide array of industry professionals and fellow colleagues. It was exciting to see how we are creating something out of nothing and that I had my very own input into this amazing project. I also made numerous contacts among artists themselves and for me as a musician it will be a valuable glimpse into Birmingham’s music scene.

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

I was absolutely stunned by The Americas! They convinced me to try something other than classical – wasn’t it the purpose of our festival? To make people try something new? Well it sure worked for me!

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

Well, PSL got me a TV interview and it was pretty awesome. Ok-  It was pretty awesome even without the interview. Brilliant beginning to a career in creative industries!



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  • What did you enjoy about the festival planning process?

I enjoyed discovering new artists and watching the long months of hard work result in a great SoundLounge festival!

  • What was your personal best moment of the day / favourite artist?

The best moment of the festival was seeing grime artists Slick Don and Tantskii perform.

  • And one final message about your SoundLounge experience…

Project SoundLounge was a brilliant opportunity to create an event that i wouldn’t have been able to comprehend a year ago. I would recommend the experience to anybody with an interest in the arts!


Thank you and Goodbye!



The SoundLounge Festival 2017 is right around the corner!

Can you believe that the SoundLounge Festival 2017 is only 11 days away?

Here at SoundLounge HQ we’ve been working really hard to create the greatest musical experience we can for Saturday 5th August and we are positive that you will not be disappointed!

The programming team have been finalising all details with our 8 wonderful acts, as well as putting together the schedule for the day!

The production team have been sorting out all arrangements for the Birmingham Town Hall, from decorations to technical equipment!

And finally the marketing team have been focused on finding ways to tell you guys about the festival and making it bigger an better than ever!

So, as you can see we are pretty excited  and hope that you guys are too!

Remember, the SoundLounge Festival 2017 takes place on Saturday 5th August at Birmingham Town Hall, with doors opening at 5pm.

You can get your FREE ticket here: 

In the meantime, you can follow us at:

Facebook – @ProjectSoundLounge 

Twitter – @SoundLoungeTeam

Instagram – @projectsoundlounge 

And listen to our festival playlist here:

Volunteer for the SoundLounge Festival 2017!

Exciting news!

we need you

Project SoundLounge is looking for volunteers to help out at the SoundLounge Festival 2017.

There will be a variety of roles on the day, from flyering to helping backstage! This is a great opportunity for anyone with a positive attitude and willingness to get stuck in and lend a hand, but in particularly those who are passionate about music and live events! Remember, the festival is taking place on Saturday 5th August at Birmingham Town Hall, so please only apply if you know that you will be free on that day!

So, want to know what it’s like working on a live music festival at an iconic venue? Then apply now:


Announcing the SoundLounge Festival 2017!


On Saturday 5th August, the Birmingham Town Hall will play host to the SoundLounge Festival 2017. Doors will open for the FREE festival at 5pm.

There will be 8 fantastic acts taking to the stage throughout the evening, each with their own individual sound. They are The Real Cool, Normanton Street, Byron Hare, Slick Don, Lycio, Tantskii, The Americas & Victories at Sea.

You can find out more about the acts here:

And to get you hyped, have a listen to our festival playlist:

So, if you’re a lover of the arts, want broaden your musical tastes, or just simply want to hang out with like minded people then get your free ticket here:


Retrospective: Digbeth Dining Club

Foto 23-06-17 20 17 17

Thank you to everyone who came along to our pre-festival event at Mama Roux’s last Friday, as part of Digbeth Dining Club. All of the team here at Project SoundLounge had a fantastic time and are over the moon that the night went as well as it did! There was an amazing atmosphere throughout the evening and the crowd really got into the three amazing acts performing!

If you have become a new fan of any of the three acts, then feel free to check the rest of their music out here:

Lady Sanity –

Verschieden –

Tehillah Henry –

We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and saw what Project SoundLounge can deliver. So if you did have a good time or missed the pre-festival event and are interested, then come along to our main event – the SoundLounge Festival 2017 on Saturday 5th August at Birmingham Town Hall! Doors open at 5pm!

In the meantime, take a look at some of the amazing photos from our pre-festival event:






Pre-festival event

We are excited to announce our pre-festival gig! Here at Team SoundLounge, we want to get you all as hyped as possible for the main event in August!

We’ve lined up 3 amazing artists to play THIS FRIDAY (23rd June) at Mama Roux’s in Digbeth, Birmingham in conjunction with Digbeth Dining Club! Great music, great food, what’s not to love?

First up is Lady Sanity – a female emcee ‘with a message’, hailing from our very own city.

Second on stage is Verschieden – a 5 piece pop/funk band – who make ‘music to make you feel good’!

To end the show, we have Tehillah Henry Music – a soulful singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton.


If you want to hear more and just can’t wait until Friday, check our artists out!

Lady Sanity –

Verschieden –

Tehillah Henry –

May 2017 catch up!

It’s been a really busy month for all of us at PSL but the festival is taking shape and we’re all really excited to show you guys what we’re up to!

If you haven’t already, check out our previous post and get to know everyone on the PSL team:

Marketing are working on designing a new logo and flyers and we’re coming up with ideas for new social media campaigns. We also have an interesting collaboration announcement to make soon – keep your eyes on our Instagram! @projectsoundlounge

Programming are working on confirming acts for the festival, sending out contracts to secure our acts and fitting them into time slots on the day. So far we have an amazing line-up and we can’t wait to finally reveal those to you all in the coming weeks!

Production are sorting out all info for Town Hall, the overall schedule for the festival and working out what needs to happen on the day so everything runs smoothly. The team are also working on an amazing upcoming event which we will be announcing on social media soon – but our lips are sealed for now!

Keep checking back for further updates and information about the Project SoundLounge 2017 festival – all will be revealed soon!

And don’t forget to like and follow us so you get all of our important updates

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Project Sound Lounge 2017!

A new year, a new Project Sound Lounge…

It’s been a busy couple of months since we all started the Project but the team is really getting to grips with the planning process for the festival. So far we’ve done loads of networking and had some really interesting and useful workshops from various members of the Town Hall & Symphony Hall team, including members of marketing, programming and production.

We are split into three groups: marketing, programming and production. We all work on group tasks in our team and then feedback and discuss it in the whole group so everyone can bounce ideas off of each other and help out each team, and it keeps everyone informed about what’s going on and when things are happening.

Currently we’re focusing on the theme of the festival, including selecting the artists and really looking at what we want you guys to take away from the festival – as well as a few other things but everything will be revealed soon, watch this space!

Here’s a couple of pictures of some of our team in action:


Workin’ hard


Workin’ hard

– PSL marketing team

Project SoundLounge is now recruiting!

Fancy a career in music or the Arts but not sure where to start?

If the answer is ‘yes’ and your aged between 16-25, then Project SoundLounge needs you!

The group takes on all the programming, producing and marketing of the festival. You’ll gain valuable experience working in the arts, and develop skills in artistic programming, digital media and communication.


If you’d like to apply download and complete the application form that is available at and send to before the closing date Wednesday 11th January 2017, at 12pm.



SoundLounge Festival 2016 Review

Project SoundLounge is over for another year and it finished with a bang as SoundLounge Festival took over Town Hall on Saturday 6th August. The afternoon session was kicked off by a familiar face from last year’s project, the wonderful AffieJam. She was followed by a selection of the freshest female talent including Barbella, Truemendous, Kemi Sulola and MArieè. One particular highlight of the session was Barbella’s impromptu PSL chant which was taken up by the crowd!





After a short break Docrha turned up the volume for the evening session, introducing their unique and powerful sound. This was followed by the jazz and soul influenced Butternut and the psychedelic rock band, Karl Monroe to finish the night.




Photo credit: NUBI magazine

The team of young people behind the festival have worked incredibly hard over the past 8 months to create an event which showcased and celebrated diverse talent from across Birmingham. Taking on various roles leading up to festival and during the day itself the group learned a variety of skills in programming producing and marketing a festival and gained real life hands on experience. The festival was very well received and the feedback from audience, artists and crew members was incredibly positive.

Full Line Up!!

On Saturday 6th August 2016 the Project SoundLounge Festival will be bringing a full line up of amazing artists to the Town Hall stage with music from 3pm-11pm. Doors open 2.30pm, FREE ENTRY.
(Click Here to obtain limited Free Ticket)

Showcasing the best under the radar performers from across the city, the freshest female talent will take the stage in the afternoon, then as the night progresses we up the volume for three genre-bending bands!!


15:00 – Affiejam


15:45 – Barbella

16:30 – TrueMendous


17:15 – Marieè


18:00 – Kemi Sulola Artist

18:30 – 20:00 – BREAK

20:00 – Dorcha


21:00 – Butternut[1]

22:00 – Karl Monroe

Come on down to celebrate the amazing talent and creativity we have in our amazing city!

Project SoundLounge is Town Hall Symphony Hall’s youth development programme enabling young people to create an arts festival in Birmingham. The 16-25 year old participants take on the programming, producing and marketing of the festival, building a range of employability skills.